Support Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic is triggering a rapidly unfolding mental health crisis. Globally many people are grappling with a combination of social isolation, anxiety, income instability and grief, to name just a few. Tech platforms are uniquely positioned to build a supportive infrastructure for people facing these challenges, but many lack the mental health expertise to do so.

The Center for Humane Technology is working with teams at tech platforms working on COVID-19 response and helping them to integrate this expertise into their work. This expertise can inform everything from the resources can be offered to community admins, to the ways that mental health considerations should be integrated into ranking and recommendation algorithms.


We would love your help in collecting additional resources. We are particularly interested in the following areas:

  • Sources of Support: Proven organizations where individuals can seek support from professionals or professionally managed groups.
  • Conversation Guides: Guides for community leaders who want to host supportive conversations. If you’d like to write one up, here’s a template.
  • Virtual Facilitation Best Practices: How can leaders of online communities effectively facilitate supportive conversations among their members, either on a video call or asynchronously.
  • Understanding Mental Health in Product Development: Resources on mental health for product teams and community leaders unfamiliar with the science of mental health. We are especially interested in resources which explore intersections with pre-existing mental health conditions or other intersecting identities.
  • Tools For Considering Mental Health In Recommendations And Ranking: Resources to teams managing recommendation and ranking systems better  understand and address the implications of widespread anxiety, isolation and loss. 
  • Economic Instability: Resources to help product teams and community leads support people facing economic instability, including by building systems for mutual support.
  • Grieving: Resources to help product teams and community leads support people in periods of grief and loss.
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