Encourage Life-Saving Choices

We are in a crisis. Convincing people across the globe to take actions which reduce the impact of the pandemic can save millions of lives, and no entities on earth are better positioned to drive that behavior change than major technology platforms.

As teams from these companies race to effectively combat the crisis, we are making their work more impactful by aggregating examples of effective persuasive materials.

How might tech companies encourage life-saving choices?

Changing human behavior is at the core of how most technology companies operate - from micro targeted messaging to personalized feeds designed to maximize engagement. Now the same persuasive power used to sell products and drive engagement must be repurposed to save lives.

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We're collecting other great examples of effective messaging to inform decisions being made by large platforms. If you would like to submit your idea or someone else's, please be prepared to provide:

  • A mock of screenshot
  • A high-level concept (e.g. “Talk about saving lives, not about people dying”)
  • A description of what makes it effective
  • A URL if it is currently in use
  • Proper attribution
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