COVID-19 Requires Unprecedented Action

In a world under quarantine, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom have moved from mediating our social fabric to becoming our social fabric. They are how people across the globe are making sense of the crisis, coordinating critical services, receiving support, and expressing their pain.

For years, the Center for Humane Technology has been working with technologists at leading tech platforms to build more humane technology that supports wellbeing, connection, and sensemaking about global threats. Along with our allies, we are using our capabilities to help elevate the best ways social media platforms can apply their unique strengths to fight COVID-19.

We’re Aggregating Expertise

Tech platforms are ramping up more each day and need input from experts across a range of disciplines: public health, mental health, persuasive messaging, and more. The Center for Humane Technology is collecting and elevating ideas in the following areas:

Encouraging Life-Saving Choices

Encouraging people across the globe to stay home could save millions of lives. We are seeking input from experts in behavioral science, marketing and persuasive design to inform campaigns that could be key to “flattening the curve.” Explore examples of effective persuasive content and contribute your own.

Supporting Mental Health

The pandemic is triggering a global mental health crisis as billions are isolated, anxious, and losing loved ones. We are seeking input from people who can help to rapidly adapt social media platforms to create widespread opportunities for connection and support. Explore best practices around mental health and contribute your own.

We’re Supporting The Technologists Addressing the Pandemic

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If you work on COVID-19 response at a major tech platform we’re mobilizing resources and expertise from our community to support you.

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